Step 1: Retrieve the EPP/Authinfo code

Step 1

Retrieve the EPP/authinfo code

Step 2: Ensure the domain is transferrable.

Step 2

Make sure the domain is transferable

Step 3: Start the transfer

Step 3

Start the transfer

Step 4: Check email

Step 4

Check any links to click on your email

Step 5: Make yourself comfortable, we'll take care of your domain.

Step 5

Get comfortable, we'll take care of your domain.

Domain Transfer


Transfer your domain to Netsons

Here are the functions included in your domain transfer.

DNS Panel and Nameservers

Full DNS and Nameserver Management of your domain

Redirect Management

Manage your domain redirects (301,302) with one click

Unlimited Mail Aliases

Infinite email aliases for forwarding emails to the mailbox you want


Always the utmost respect for your privacy. We have implemented all necessary security measures to ensure services are compliant with the European GDPR regulation.

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How can you transfer a domain?

Transfer your domain now: try our Made in Italy quality

You can transfer your domain to Netsons immediately like this:

Ask your current hosting provider for the EPP/Authinfo code
Check that the domain is transferable and proceed with inserting the EPP/Authinfo code and owner's data.
Start the transfer completing the purchase and choose, if you wish, among our offers the most suitable Netsons Hosting Space to your needs (if you contact us before, we will gladly give you tailored advice)
Check your email for any emails with a link to click to confirm the transfer.
Wait a few days for the domain transfer... It's done!

Once the domain is transferred to Netsons, you'll be part of our world and we'll take care of growing you and your business with us.

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Quick Answers

To transfer your domain it is important to know some things and follow some simple steps. Request your current Provider the transfer code (Authinfo/EPP/Authcode) of your domain. Verify with your provider that the domain is unlocked and not expired. If you have purchased a Whois Privacy service or ID Protection you must deactivate it before proceeding with the transfer. Now you are ready for the transfer of your domain. If you need clarifications or assistance contact us, we will be happy to help.

Timelines vary depending on the extension: from the start of the transfer it takes up to 24 hours for .it domains and up to 7 business days for all other extensions.

Once started, the transfer procedure is automated and depends on the processing times of the Reference Registries and the release times of the previous provider.

The EPP/Authinfo code is a kind of password for your domain. This code will be used to complete the main operations on it. You can find the EPP/Authinfo code by asking it directly from the previous hosting provider.

There are some cases where it is not possible to transfer a domain to another provider: if the domain has expired or if the domain (such as .com and .net excluding .it) has been registered or transferred for less than 60 days. In these cases, we suggest that you contact us for the necessary checks.

Any promotions are applied on the first billing cycle. Upon renewal, the price from listing will be applied.