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What is a domain?

The domain name serves to identify your website allowing network users to reach you easily.

A domain, basically, is the address of your website and it is written like this: The domain is necessary to take its place in the network and therefore to allow you to publish your website. You can associate an email address with your domain for a more professional communication. Associate your domain to one of our Hosting services: you have a wide choice. Further information on the domain registration procedure is available in our FAQs.

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Quick Answers

There are extensions that have no restrictions and can be registered by anyone such as .com and others that are subject to geographic requirements, such as .eu, which can only be registered by individuals or companies residing or based in the European Union. There are then some extensions subject to specific requirements, such as .dentist, which can only be registered by Accredited Professional Bodies. To find out the requirements and all the characteristics of a given extension, contact us and we will clear up any doubts you may have.

The Registrar's data of a domain and other technical data are entered by the Registries of Reference in a database, a kind of official registry, called WHOIS, which can be viewed publicly by everyone. With the introduction of the GDPR, the new European privacy regulation, some Registries of Reference have decided not to show some of the domain's Registrar's data (name and surname, Company Name, e-mail address etc.), unless otherwise requested.

Premium Domains are domains whose commercial value is considerable since they consist of well-known and frequent names or words that immediately identify the activity of the website and thus have the highest possibility of being used by users. Their cost is higher than their non-premium equivalents. It is exclusively the Reference Registries that determine whether a domain name constitutes a Premium Domain or not and establish its corresponding cost. Call us or write to us if you are interested in a premium domain or want to know more.

Domains are registrable for periods ranging from 1 year to 10 years, depending on the extension. For example, .ru domains are only registrable annually and must be renewed each year, .gr domains are only registrable in 2 year intervals, i.e. 2, 4, 6 years and so on, while .com domains can be registered for more than 1 year up to a maximum of 10 years. To find out the registration period of a domain, ask us.

Any promotions are applied to the first billing cycle. At renewal, the list price will be applied.